Goodman 18,000 btu MSG18HRN1N/1W Ductless Mini-Split System Heating and Cooling

Goodman 18,000 btu MSG18HRN1N/1W Ductless Mini-Split System Heating and Cooling
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Goodman 18,000 Btu/h Ductless Mini-Split System Heating and Cooling

Model Number: Outdoor Units: MSG18HRN1W
Indoor Units: MSG18HRN1N
The Goodman® brand offers the MSG series, a line of ductless mini-split air conditioning and heat pump systems for use where the installation of duct work is not practical. MSG systems work like typical residential split air conditioning or heat pump systems, just without the installation of sheet metal duct work.
The outdoor and indoor units are connected through a single 3-1/2" opening in the wall. All the controls, refrigerant, and drain water run through this single opening, making installation easy. The indoor unit sits high on the wall and is operated by a remote control.
MSG systems are ideal for newly enclosed spaces (garages, porches, decks) that should not be connected to the main air conditioning system and where running ductwork just isn't practical. They are also great for rooms where you need extra cooling like kitchens or where TVs, sound systems, and other electrical devices heat things up.
MSG mini-splits are economical to install and provide cooling and heating with the convenience of a remote control. And best of all, turn the system off when you leave to save money on energy bills. These mini-splits combine cost-effective installation, excellent cooling and heating comfort, and the convenience of remote control.
Best of all, MSG Mini-Splits offer additional heating and cooling without costly changes to your home's central cooling and heating system.
MSG Series Product Features - 
Remote Control
Sleep Mode
Bi-Directional Airflow
Easy-Clean Front Panel
Rust-Resistant Cabinet
Rotary TDD
Trapiziform Inner-Groove Copper
BTU: 18,000btu
SEER:  13
Power Requirement: Outdoor Units: 230/220V, 6.6/ 7.1 A
Indoor Units: 230/220V, 6.6/ 7.1 A
Dimension(WxHxD): Outdoor Units: 33.3'' x 27.4'' x 13.2''
Indoor Units: 49.2'' x 12.8'' x 9.1''
Warranty 5-years on compressor including 1 year on parts and labor