About our site

Air Conditioner Canada established in 1978 in Montreal, Quebec, the company initially offered T.V and appliances as well as air conditioner installation and repair services. Air Conditioner Canada is founded on the principals of quality and customer satisfaction; therefore the company quickly developed an outstanding reputation in different region of Canada.

Our philosophy is that the customers deserves the highest quality service, and establish profound relationships with customers are the true measure of a successful business in air conditioning. Since 1995, under strong family leadership, the company has been focusing only on air conditioner sales for your home or office,

Our unparalleled reputation for delivering quality service of air conditioner has created opportunities for Air Conditioner Canada to build long-term customer relationships in Canada, and create a truly unique team spirit in the business of air conditioning in Montreal, Quebec and Ontario. All member of Air Conditioner Canada are committed to proactively serving our customers, proving the benchmark of excellence in Air conditioning solutions.


Our mission is the business of air conditioning is one of continuous improvement in our methods and response to our customer needs through a cooperative effort stressing.